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Since 1849


An experience through centuries


Step back in time without sacrificing the comforts of modern day. Built in 1849, Auberge Knowlton, the oldest continuously operating hotel in the Eastern Townships, celebrates more than 165 years of history of receiving guests with its elegant, antique-filled decor while offering all the modern amenities one has come to expect from a first class hotel.

You can also enjoy exceptional cuisine at the Auberge Knowlton’s Le Relais Restaurant-Bistro. Savor contemporary flavors and regional dishes served in a country-chic setting complete with wrap-around windows overlooking Knowlton’s main intersection, known as one of Quebec’s prettiest. Giving the restaurant the name “heart of the village”. Fresh and plentiful, Le Relais Restaurant-Bistro’s meals are a subtle blend of Mom’s home cooking and the gastronomic talents of our chefs, who take their inspiration from the French tradition. 


Our regional dishes feature Brome Lake duck and pork, local vegetables and cheeses. With a nod to history, an extensive steak menu is also available in the evening, living up to the restaurant’s historic local name, “The Steak House”. Our choices of wines include an excellent selection of imported and regional wines.



1849 - 1851  Blinn's Inn

Built in 1849 by Edward Blinn who aptly named this first public establishment offering accommodation, food and beverage, Blinn's Inn. Located in the heart of bustlingKnowlton, Blinn's Inn also benefited from the fact that the stagecoach route from the Bolton Pass to Gilman's Corner passed before its very doors.

1851 -1870  Kimball's Hotel / Knowlton Stage House

In 1851, Blinn sold the Inn to Albert Kimball, who changed the name to Kimball's Hotel and the Knowlton Stage House. For many years, two generations of Kimballs dispensed hospitality on this ever-popular corner.


1870 - 1900  The Railroad House

In the early 1870s, with an eye to improving business and capitalizing on the arrival of the railroad in Knowlton, the Kimballs expanded the building to the west and re-named it The Railroad House.


1900 - 1922  Robinson's Hotel

At the turn of the century, the Inn was purchased by James Robinson of North Sutton, who renovated and re-decorated the building. He later added the third storey and the Robinson's Hotel sign on the upper gallery signaled to all that business was booming. Robinson's sons, George and Nelson, continued to run the thriving business until the late 1920s.


1922 - 1944  Hôtel Robinson

Following the Robinson's, the Hotel enjoyed success under the stewardship of J. Arthur Cadorette who bought the property in April of 1922. Soon thereafter, the freezer came into existence and there was no more need for the “ice reserve”that was located in the back garden. This building was then transformed into a blacksmith's shop to accommodate the hotel guests as well as the local population. The blacksmith is in operation to this day.


1944 - 1964   Brome Lake Hotel

Après les Cadorette, l'auberge continue son succès sous la direction de la famille Loubier et devient le Brome Lake Hotel.

1964 - 1966  The Stagecoach Inn


1966 - 1997   Auberge du Relais

Au début des années 70, Sophie et Maurice Proteau prennent la direction de l'hôtel et l'appellent Auberge du Relais, mais le restaurant devient plus connu par la population locale sous le nom de "Knowlton SteakHouse" étant donné son impressionnant menu de steaks savoureux offert par les Proteau, sa réputation dépassait de beaucoup la région.


1997 - 2019   Auberge Knowlton

Après les Proteau, petit à petit par manque de rénovation l'hôtel a eu des temps difficiles et a changé plusieurs fois de propriétaires jusqu'en 1997 .

En 1997 quand Michel Gabereau et Signy Stephenson l'achètent et commencent des rénovations en profondeur pour sauvegarder cet immeuble historique du patrimoine de Knowlton. Re-nommé Auberge Knowlton en 1997, elle abrite aujourd’hui un restaurant / bar, Le Relais qui offre aussi des repas à emporter. Douze chambres magnifiquement décorées sont maintenant ouvertes sur deux étages ainsi qu’une salle de réunion entièrement équipée. Plusieurs boutiques complètent le complexe.


2019 - ...   Auberge Knowlton

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